Collecting beautiful moments.

Photo credits:  A  drienne Gerber

Photo credits: Adrienne Gerber


My name is Kendra Dawn. 

Photography, to me, is a way of pausing time. Pictures tell stories of times past, both good and bad. On wedding days, it gives you and your sweetheart time "alone" to pause and just enjoy the day, while also preserving the little details that might have been forgotten amidst the excitement. You'll be able to pull out the pictures a year later and reminisce on your magical day, giggling to yourselves about how you thought you loved each other then, but now it's so much deeper! And fifty years down the road you can show your grandchildren the dress grandma wore on her wedding day, the watch grandpa had, and the firecracker love you had when you committed "til death do us part."

Family photos create a warm reminder of how little his chubby legs were or how her curls bounced and she ran and played in the tall grass. The tender kiss of a mother to her sweet child, and the strong protective arms of a dad's gentle love. 

You'll look back on your high school graduation photos and remember the dreams you had for you life, and all the energy and enthusiasm about the future and the possibilities it holds. 

Small businesses too, benefit from photos. Visuals can make or break a business, they help convey your story to customers, and build trust from those who see your brand.

There are so many outlets for telling stories through the art of photography. I would love to partner with you in telling your story and preserving this time in life for you, capturing beautiful moments in time.